September 21, 2011

How to Bring Back the Old Facebook News Feed

Upon logging on to Facebook today, I was mildly annoyed at the forced changes Facebook had imposed on my “News Feed.” What’s the story with the Stories feature? All it does is make me scroll a mile down the page to get to the old News Feed I’m used to. I’m not the only one aggravated either because it seems half my friends list made a point to express their frustration over these changes. Furthermore, I couldn’t help but to smile upon some features that FB had added which are ever so similar to Google’s new social media website: Google+. For example, now you are able to select which of your friends are your “Close Friends” and which are “Acquaintances.” Classifying your friends into their own separate circle of friends looks a lot like Google+’s “Circles” feature that works in the same way, and it has been around long before these recent FB changes.

We can be angry all we want, but the underlying fact is that we can either bite the bullet on more forced changes by Facebook, be rebellious and join Google+ (which will yield a much smaller friends list), or we can just quit our e-Social lives completely until the next social media site is worth logging into. Although I personally choose the first option until the last one becomes fruitful, I have noticed a trick to get rid of the pesky “Stories” feature that spams the start of my News Feed:

-To the left of your Facebook page you will see “Lists,” and mouse over it. Click “MORE” at the top right of the borderless “Lists” box.

-Your Facebook page should now refresh and list all your “Lists.” Now, Look to the top right and you should see “Create a List.” Click it.

-Name your list something like “Friends,” “Homies,” or “REAL News Feed.”

-After you create the name, click “Add Friends,” then add ALL your friends to it and click Done.

 Note: If you were the star quarterback or prom queen in high school then it might take awhile to add your 5,000 friends.

Your new “list” will appear to the left when finished. From here on out you will have to click that new list you made over to the left, and it will mimic the old “News Feed” you had before Facebook rudely interrupted the look-and-feel you had before.

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-  Tommy

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