August 11, 2012

Weekly Maintenance Tips

   1.  You should run CCleaner on your computer at least once a week.

    2.  You should run a defragmentation on your computer once every week.(this is a multi-step process, and this is defragmentation for Windows XP, defragmentating is different for every version of windows.)--

1. Open my computer--

3. Right-click on your primary hard drive (usually call Local Disk (C:)) and select Properties--

3. A dialog box should open, select Tools at the top of the screen--

4. There will be an option in the middle of the dialog box call "Defragment Now...", click that option--

5. Once the defragmentation has completed a dialog box should pop up called disk defragmenter, from here you have two options, view report or close; we recommend just closing the dialog box--

   3.  You should run a full computer scan from an anti-virus program at least once a week.


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